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Migraine headaches are quite common, and most Americans will suffer from at least one migraine attack in their lifetime. Your migraines are likely painful and throbbing headaches, which can last from 4 to 72 hours. When you're suffering a migraine, it may be so painful that you are unable to do your usual activities.

Migraine headache symptoms differ from one individual to another, so it makes sense to seek out highly personalized treatment for migraine pain relief in Pinellas Park an surrounding areas. That’s what you can expect from our doctor!

Migraine Symptoms Palm Harbor, FL

Migraine Symptoms

Migraines cause an intense throbbing or pulsing feeling on one or both sides of your head, often accompanied by a sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and vomiting. Migraine headaches are often preceded by an aura that can present as a flash of light, blind spots, or tingling.

While migraine symptoms are often characterized as a throbbing pain in the head, symptoms differ depending on the type of headache you experience. Tension headaches cause constant pain and pressure that’s dull and achy on both sides of the head, in the forehead, temples, and back of the head.

Cluster headaches arise as severe, stabbing, penetrating, burning, or severe recurring pain on one side of the head. Cluster headaches often start around or behind the eye, causing redness or watering of the eye, a stuffy or runny nose, droopy eyelids, facial swelling or flushing, and sensitivity to light and noise.

Inflammation of the sinuses may decrease the ability of mucus to drain, increasing pressure within your sinuses, which results in a sinus headache.

Migraine Relief Treatment Pinellas Park, FL

Migraine Relief Treatment

Our chiropractor is skilled in assessing, diagnosing, and providing migraine headache relief. Chiropractic care, including spinal manipulative therapy, is an effective migraine treatment for decreasing the intensity and frequency of migraines. After a complete evaluation, which includes a thorough review of your medical history, our doctor develops an individualized pain management plan to tackle your specific migraine symptoms. Your treatment may combine procedures like manual therapies, modalities, and lifestyle recommendations.

Physical therapy is another all-natural option for fast headache relief. Treatment may include soft tissue therapy, physical therapy exercises, and ergonomic and lifestyle changes or modalities.

What Causes Migraine Headaches?

While the answer to what causes migraines is still unknown, your environment, food, stress, and dehydration are known migraine triggers. Genetics, hormonal changes, poor sleep, physical and sensory factors, and certain medications also cause migraines. Other migraine causes or triggers include:

  • Not eating on time
  • Changes to your normal routine
  • Red wine
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Strong odors
  • Chocolate

To treat migraine headaches, many people opt for over-the-counter pain medicine, but taking medication too often may cause your problems to return once you stop taking them. A natural approach to migraine treatment ensures that you avoid the adverse effects of drugs, especially if you have other health problems.

If you are looking for long lasting pain relief for migraines in Pinellas Park, Largo, Seminole or any nearby city, call us today at (727) 386-5801 to schedule a complimentary consultation.