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Neck Pain

Are you wondering how to get rid of chronic neck pain? Living with neck pain make it challenging to live an active life. We offer non-invasive regenerative medicine therapies that use your body's natural healing mechanisms to repair damage to your cervical spine.

Led by Dr. Kevin Lee, our pain relief center provides patients in Pinellas Park, and nearby cities with some of the most advanced treatments available.

Neck Pain Relief Palm Harbor, FL

Neck Pain Relief

Evidence-based regenerative medicine therapies such as treatments containing stem cells and other growth factors and plasma-rich platelet (PRP) injections have significant potential for neck pain treatment.

Do you want to avoid surgery for your neck pain and pinched nerves? One or a combination of our all-natural therapies might be able to eliminate your pain and improve your mobility.

Neck pain symptoms vary from mild discomfort when turning to excruciating pain that restricts your mobility. If neck pain symptoms progress, it can become difficult to sleep or complete simple activities like getting dressed or driving. Neck pain and headaches, a pinched nerve in the neck, or neck nerve pain may come and go, become constant, or radiate to your head, shoulders, and arms. Whatever kind of neck pain you’re experiencing, you need reliable treatment.

Severe Neck Pain Treatment

Injections Containing Stem Cells

Injections containing stem cells and other growth factors are ideal for tissue injuries with low to no blood flow, such as spinal discs. Our Florida medical facility uses stem cells extracted from Wharton's jelly in umbilical cords, which are donated by healthy, consenting mothers. These mesenchymal stem cells are screened, collected, and processed.

Once injected into the site of your neck pain or injury, the serum naturally attracts more proteins and growth factors to aid in your body's natural recovery. The stem cells can transform into whatever nerve, muscle, or other tissue your neck needs.

Severe Neck Pain Treatment Pinellas Park, FLPlatelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP therapy is another safe regenerative therapy and uses bioactive materials derived from your blood. Because the procedure uses platelet-rich plasma, a growth-factor-rich cocktail processed from your blood, your likelihood of developing adverse effects is significantly reduced. These growth factors can stimulate neck tissue to repair itself and ease your neck pain symptoms. PRP also signals other bodily healers to help out with regeneration at the injury site.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is also an option if you are thinking of how to relieve neck pain. After an assessment, our chiropractor will recommend a course of treatment specific to you, which may include spinal adjustments, joint mobilization, muscle release techniques, muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercises, and lifestyle advice.

Neck Pain Causes

Neck pain may arise after sprains and strains from a sports injury or simple everyday activities like using your phone or computer. Lowering your head to look down at a screen all day places a lot of strain on your cervical spine and neck muscles, tendons, and nerves.

Other causes of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash
  • Arthritis
  • Herniated discs
  • Cervical disc degeneration
  • Pinched nerves

Traditional over-the-counter medication may only provide temporary relief and may have adverse side effects. If you suffer from pain, don't allow it to ruin your day. See our doctor for an evaluation and recommendations for regenerative therapies that harness your body's ability to heal itself. Our treatments safely alleviate neck pain and promote the healing of damaged tissues.

If you are looking for non-surgical treatment for neck pain in Pinellas Park, Largo, Seminole or any nearby city, call us today at (727) 386-5801 to schedule a complimentary consultation.